Freedom Power
High efficiency 1000W modular PSU
80PLUS BRONZE and ATI CrossFireX certification
Product Code: AK-PSS100FGM
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Freedom Power 1000 PSU provides 1000W of continuous power with a typical efficiency of 86.72%. High efficiency combined with Active PFC reduces energy cost without compromising the performance. Low-energy waste means the PSU is producing a lot less heat and therefore it needs minimal cooling which enables it to work much quieter.

This high quality PSU can provide up to 1000W of reliable power 24/7. Massive 12V output (up to 960W) is effectively balanced over six 12V rails ensuring performance systems work safely and up to their full potential. With eight PCIe 2.0 connectors available, this PSU is capable of supporting systems with quad top end VGA cards. It is ideal for high-end gaming, server and workstation systems.

Innovative modular cable design with common connectors enables easy cable management, each of the eight modular cables has identical PSU connectors and can be plugged to any free port on the PSU backplate. It’s a revolutionary simple and hassle free solution for smart cable choice and easy routing. All cables are fully sleeved and cable management kit is provided for even further airflow enhancement.

Three primary load bearing cables (main 24-pin motherboard, ATX12V CPU and single branch of PCIe) are hard-wired (fixed) to provide perfect balance between the consistency of standard PSU and convenience of modular cables. Incorporating both types of cables in Freedom Power series guarantees quality of power and allows akasa PSU’s to maintain the highest standards.

Typical efficiency of 86.72%
1000W continuous power 24/7
80PLUS BRONZE & ATI CrossFireX certified
• Energy saving Active PFC
Detachable cables for minimal airflow restrictions
Innovative modular system with common connectors
All cables fully sleeved for tidy look system builds
Six +12V rails with total max output of 960W
8 PCIe connectors for multiple GPU support
Super quiet 14cm fan with intelligent auto control
Three years warranty