Vegas A-Series
Easily add unique and stylish personalisation to your system with the white Vegas A-series adressable RGB fans. Available as a single fan, duo or trio of fans that are integrated into one single fan frame design.
Product Code: AK-FN111-WH / AK-FN112-WH / AK-FN113-WH
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Vibrantly Stylish with aRGB
Vibrant aRGB lighting
Convenient integrated design
Dual ball bearing
Sickle flow blade design
Anti-vibration rubber mounts
Efficient silence with PWM
Series for all Purposes
Vegas series lets you have a complete build with same style for a complete and aesthetic look.
Convenient Integrated Design
By incorporating multiple fans into one frame, installation time is drastically reduced and stress free aided by the standardised mounting holes. With easy cable management for a tidy looking setup, whether you have one, two or three.
Vibrant aRGB Lighting
Maximise your aesthetic with a multitude of visual possibilities with addressable RGB. Compatible with Gigabyte, Asus, Razer, MSI and ASRock lighting software.
Advanced Bearing and Blade Design
Dual ball bearing reduces friction for a smoother rotation, efficient in a vertical or horizontal mount. Blade design provides improved aerodynamics for better air flow and air pressure. Up to 52.3 CFM.
Efficient Silence with PWM
Intelligent PWM between 900-2000 RPM ensures that fans are quiet during low loads and high speeds during intensive loads making it.
Anti Vibration Rubber Mounts
Discrete rubber pads minimise vibration noise transferred to the case while blending in with the white frame.