Laplace C2
Low profile fanless for Intel簧 NUC8 Chaco Canyon with dual LAN support. Suitable for VESA mount monitors, saves valuable desk space, includes antenna fitting holes.
Product Code: A-ITC061-M1B / A-NUC53-M1B
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Laplace C2
Low profile fanless case
for Intel簧 NUC 8 Chaco Canyon
Aluminium fanless CPU cooling design
Dual LAN support
Operating temperature 0-50簞C
VESA mountable
Small form factor
Superb Cooling Performance
Completely silent mini PC case utilise all aluminium fanless CPU cooling design which acts as a heatsink to dissipate the heat to the surrounding.
Wide Range Temperature
Perfect for navigation, multimedia, digital signage,
automation, car PC, medical and outdoor fields, etc.
Diverse Applications
Coupling the Intel NUC Pro series Chaco Canyon with the fanless Laplace C2 case with dual LAN support makes it perfect for a diverse range of applications, including: Telecommunications, Networking, IoT, Edge Computing and Digital Signage.
Full Connectivity Support with Dual LAN