Maxwell Pro Plus
Blending advanced passive cooling engineering and modern design to create a premium, silent and compact case for Mini-ITX boards. Supports Intel簧 and AMD boards with common desktop processors up to 65W TDP. The perfect choice for gaming, HTPCs & audiophile environments. Ready for the new Intel簧 LGA1700.
Product Code: A-ITX48-M2B
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Maxwell Pro
Premium Aluminium
Mini-ITX Case
supports 65W TDP processors for
both Intel簧 and AMD Mini-ITX platforms
Intel簧 LGA1700 Ready
Perfect for the Intel簧 Alder Lake processors up to 65W Thermal Design Point (TDP) with increased contact surface area, allowing for more heat to be dissipated at a time.
Advanced Performance
Bi-symmetrical extruded fins on either side of the case maximise the surface area of the exterior for increased heat dissipation. Coupled with internally hi-efficient passive thermal module and heat pipes to ensure the Thermal Design Power (TDP) is met.
True Silent Experience
Fanless CPU design eliminates the need for noisy mechanical fans so that true silence can be achieved. Paired with the use of Solid State Drives, one can truly immerse themselves in the experience of soundless acoustics. Breathability, provided by multi-functional apertures which optimise natural convectional airflow, is fused with contemporary design for a minimalist yet functional case.
Universal Socket Fitting &
Easy Installation
Easily adjustable thermal module with 4 copper heat pipes which are universally compatible with Intel簧 and AMD boards. Superbly engineered for maximum efficiency and ease of use.
Modern Design
for an Array of Applications
Geometrically balanced case features a black anodised aluminium body with diamond-edge finish, combined with bi-symmetrical extruded fins for a beautifully crafted, modern case. Perfect for a wide range of applications and environments.