Cypher QX
Modular computing aluminium chassis designed for the Intel簧 NUC 9 and NUC11 Compute Elements (H-Series), with a huge room for the latest full length graphics card.
Product Code: A-NUC69-M1B
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Play Without Limits!
Game and build with the Intel簧 11th Gen i9-11900KB 8-Core
processor on the Intel簧 NUC 11 Extreme Compute Element
(Driver Bay) for the ultimate performance within a Small Form
Factor (SFF) chassis.
Highly customised with the latest full-size dual-slot discrete
graphics card, including the latest Nvidia 3080. Bring
desktop-class graphics to this compact chassis!
Ideal for Content Creation
Build with the NUC 9 Pro powered by Xeon processor for a
workhorse workstation able to render, animate and visualise as
hard as you could!
Superb Modular Design
Upgrading your system comes easy with the modular design.
Whilst easy Installation with convenient pull out tray that
unlatches the PC with a pull of a handle.
Excellent Heat Dissipation Technology
Breathability provided by apertures on either flank of the
chassis, optimises natural convectional airflow to keep all the
components cool. A trio of 80mm fans at the top removes heat for
improved thermal efficiency. Both technologies provide strong
heat dissipation
capacity designed for high performance
graphics cards
Striking Design
Crafted from an all aluminium body with two showcase
windows to flaunt the inner system and your high-end GPU.
Breathability, provided by multi-functional apertures which
optimise natural convectional airflow, is fused with contemporary
design for a minimalist yet functional case. Perfect for gamers and
creative content creators alike.