T5 Pro-Grade+
Easily apply ultra-performance hybrid thermal paste to your CPU and GPU, designed for highly efficient computer setups. Perfect for overclocking enthusiasts with 10-20 applications.
Product Code: AK-T565-5G
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Designed with hybrid silicone and 
   nano-diamond particles for
Non-curing and non-electrically
   conductive properties
Conveniently included wipes
   and spreader
Nano-Diamond Particles for Superior
Heat Transmission
Use of hybrid silicone and nano diamond micro particles ensures
minimal thermal resistance for quick and efficient heat transmission.
Getting the most out of your processor, air and liquid heatsink cooler.
Making it perfect for overclockers.
Performance Comparison Under 100% Load
(Lower is Better)
Easy and Safe Application
Non-curing paste means no time required to wait for curing process
reaching its highest performance right from the get-go. Non-conductive
properties ensures that there is no electrical risk with components.
Conveniently Included Wipes and Spreader
Easy application with included spreader to get an even coating on
CPU or GPU for best efficiency. Wipes also included to clean old
paste to make sure a good bond is established with heatsink.