SOHO R-Series
Durable thick mouse pad with 9 RGB vibrant modes with super smooth surface for seamless gliding, coupled with anti-slip base and water resistant coating. Available in medium and extended sizes.
Product Code: AK-MPD-06RB/AK-MPD-07RB
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High Precision RGB Mouse Pad
9 Vibrant RGB modes
Super smooth surface
Reliable anti-slip base
Long lasting durability
Advanced coating
Convenient plug and play
Perfect for all spaces
9 Vibrant RGB Modes
Maximise your aesthetic with 9 different RGB LED modes within Gradient, Static and Marquee modes. Simply turn on/off using the designated switch button.
Super Smooth Surface
Advanced coating enables effective and consistent gliding for superior control and tracking. Perfectly designed for gamers in mind.
Reliable Anti-Slip Base
Advanced anti-slip base prevents mat movement guaranteeing precise and fast mouse control.
Long Lasting Durability
Strong nylon stitching eliminates edge peeling caused by long term use.
Advanced Coating
Waterproof coating protects mat from any spillage whilst also being easy to clean.
Convenient Plug and Play
Simply connect USB Type-A cable to a USB slot and be ready to use without the need for any additional drivers.
Perfect For All Spaces
350 x 250 x 4mm (L x W x H) (SOHO RS)
780 x 300 x 4mm (L x W x H) (SOHO RXL)