Triple 120mm addressable RGB LED fan pack with 1-to-3 splitter and extension cable. Motherboard sync compatible. Designed for Asus, AsRock, Gigabyte, MSI, Razer RGB software.
Product Code: AK-FN107
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Addressable RGB LED Cooling Fans & Splitter Cables
• Trio of vibrant 120mm aRGB LED cooling fans
• Includes required 1-to-3 splitter and extension
  cables for  motherboard digital addressable
  LED pin header connection
• Millions of pulsating aRGB
  combination options for
  personalised illumination
Support addressable RGB control devices and motherboard lighting control applications
Addressable RGB LED Splitter
and Extension Cable
Digital addressable LED
Add vivid and energy efficient aRGB LED lighting
to showcase in your build. Supports motherboard
synced digital addressable LED pin header for
vibrant personalised illumination.
Damping pads reduce fan vibrating noise
Translucent frosted finish blades allows light spreading
Unique LED-embedded frame design for better protection