Compact fanless case for Intel簧 8th Generation NUC (Bean Canyon)
Perfect case for audiophile enthusiasts and commercial applications
Compatible with Intel簧 NUC8i7BEK / NUC8i7BEH / NUC8i5BEK / NUC8i5BEH / NUC8i3BEK / NUC8i3BEH
Product Code: A-NUC45-A1B / A-NUC45-M1B
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Compact fanless case
for Intel® 8th Generation NUC
• Aluminium fanless cooling design
• Stylish cover panels with diamond effect
• Support IR remote functionality and dual microphones
• Positioned vertically or horizontally
• Perfect for audiophile enthusiasts and commercial applications
Compact design
Ideal for home or office environment
Perfect for audiophile enthusiasts
when coupled with music operating system and software
Contemporary design
Symmetrical extruded fins with classically
inspired panels.
Perfectly balanced in
cooling performance and size