Venom SGC10
Made for gaming. Venom SGC10 gaming chair provides maximum adjustability and comfortability to enhance your gaming experience. Soft padding in key contact areas. Embroiled in PU leather with elegant stitching detail to add aesthetics for ambitious players. Ergonomically optimised with 3D armrests to meet the demands of long gaming sessions.
product code: A-GCH-01BL / A-GCH-01RD
Venom SGC20
Born for gaming. Venom SGC20 gaming chair incorporates minimalistic and bold aesthetics for all players. Coupled with durable comfort with dense foam cushion. Headrest and lumbar are made for the fighters who never stop. Adjustable back seat and arm rests ensures gamers wellbeing.
product code: A-GCH-02BL / A-GCH-02RD / A-GCH-02WH

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