Pro-grade+ 5026
When every degree matters, get more from your cooler. Originally bundled with Akasa’s premium fanless cases since 2017, Pro-grade+ 5026 provides hi-reliability and excellent thermal performance, even at lo-pressures.
product code: AK-TC5026
Thermal gap filler
Akasa thermal gap filler is a thermally conductive interface pad which is versatile and suitable for use between components and their heat sinks.
Two sizes: 1.5 and 5mm thickness
product code: AK-TT300-01 / AK-TT300-02
5g syringe of high performance thermal compound AK-455 complete with a spreader card and 125ml of TIM Clean fluid for professional chipset preparation. Must have accessory for every PC enthusiast.
product code: AK-MX004
ProGrade+ 5022
Get more from your cooler. AMD recommended Pro-grade+ 5022 provides ultimate thermal performance even at low pressures. 3.5g with spreader card.
product code: AK-TC5022
ProGrade 460
Get more from your cooler. Pro-grade 460 Silicone-technology, evolutionary thermal compound for outstanding thermal performance. 3.5g with spreader card.
product code: AK-460
Performance Compound 455
Get more from your cooler. New improved formula 455 delivers high thermal performance; even at low pressures. 5g with spreader card.
product code: AK-455-5G
Silver Compound 450
High performance silver based thermal compound with high thermal conductivity, 5g syringe complete with spreader card.
product code: AK-450-5G
Thermal Interface Cleaner, fluid for all thermal interfaces. Citrus based solvent safe to use. Perfect for cleaning CPU, GPU or base heatsink.
product code: AK-TC
Thermal Adhesive Tape
Double-sided adhesive tape, excellent thermal conductivity, 80x80mm, micro-fibreglass reinforced.
product code: AK-TT12-80